Fashion isn’t the only thing that gets an update for spring. Aztec is unveiling new collections all season long. First, we’re introducing Longbarn, an artisan rug collection that defies definition.

Keep scrolling for your first glimpse at this collection exclusive to Aztec Carpet & Rug.


Lush, Lyocell fibers sourced via eucalyptus trees from a certified forest give this rug series a deep pile and soft, velvety surface.


Made with 100% pure mohair from Angora goats, Ripe has great durability and a silky sheen. We love the shading of the pile as it moves through the day.


The long 100% pure virgin New Zealand fibers and thick, felted quality mean less lint from this tufted low-cut pile rug. Translation: Basalt is extra durable for Colorado’s mountain homes.


Playful and colorful, each Bloom rug is made with thickly felted wool in several space-dyed yarn color combinations. Layer with a flatweave to make a statement with these vibrant pieces.

Visit us on the first floor of the new IDC Building and see what’s currently on display in the showroom!