Haptic /’haptik/  is defined as the “perception of objects by touch and proprioception, especially as involved in nonverbal communication. 

With aesthetics and haptic qualities in mind, Longbarn Company is on a quest to find the finest natural materials to produce their rugs. Hailing from the hills of The Netherlands, the materials they’ve found to fit the bill are less common yet have one thing in common: (understated) luxury. 

Keep scrolling to learn more about the natural materials Longbarn uses to design and manufacture its rugs.

Eucalyptus: For Koalas & Floor Coverings

LISCIO 207 / cut v-pile / 100% Eucalyptus 

The quality Liscio is tufted from yarn made out of Lyocell fibers of the brand TENCEL. These fibers are of botanical origin since they are extracted from wood obtained from eucalyptus trees from a certified forest, so it is extremely environmentally friendly. 

Haptic Qualities: Beautiful shine, silky, soft, and velvety surface.

Cotton: The Queen of Carpeting

DEW 06 / cut v-pile / 100% Cotton 

Dew is made of 100% cotton. Cotton is a soft, fluffy staple fiber that grows in a boil. The fiber is spun into yarn to make a soft, breathable textile rug. 

Haptic Qualities: Luster, strength and comfort to the touch

Mohair: Bah Bah Sheep—Mohair, Please

RIPE HIGH 01 / cut j-pile / 100% Mohair 

Mohair is derived from the coat of Angora goats. The strong, long and exclusive mohair fiber feels pleasant and retains its unique fine and silky sheen for years. 

Haptic Qualities: Fine, silky, shaded and resilient